Sea Sponges for Skin Care

Empyre Collaborator

Sea sponges:

  • are highly absorbent
  • create a luxurious lather
  • are exceptionally soft
  • do not retain orders
  • contain enzymes that inhibit mold and bacteria growth
  • last longer than synthetic sponges
  • are useful for all skin types, even sensitive skin
  • are hypoallergenic

Sea sponges make your cleanser foam, so you use less cleanser, they soak up and hold a lot of water without dripping, and they can be used on their own to cleanse your skin, eliminating the need for soap.

(Sourced from "Benefits of Natural Sea Sponges : Sustainable Skin Care" by Andrea - October 22, 2015)

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The Most Amazing Loofahs

Lisa Lauze
Unique Packaging by Scented Angel's Loofah


Found this amazing company that sells eco friendly sea sponges, loofa's etc at the convention. I'd have to buy wholesale from them in order to buy. I'm thinking should I add this to our packaging. They have some nice accessories to add to your baskets like booties, back washers etc. 

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