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Before I found Unique Packaging, I would spend days looking for packaging that was not only cost effective, but also attractive and eye catching. After finding Unique Packaging I spend the majority of my packaging funds with them, and I've made some great friends! I love Unique Packaging. They have helped me take my soap business to the next level!
~Cathleen Miller

Lisa has been so kind to me especially considering how busy she is. She always answers my question and I feel like a part of the group she grew because we all react to her overwhelming kindness in knowing what's going on in people's lives, encouraging them ... she is inspiring in her energy and her love .. I am a great grandma and Lisa knows we just moved from one country on the West coast to another country on the East coast and I have been trying to build up my stock .. sometimes in small orders but Lisa treats me as if I am making her rich .. instead she is making us all rich when it comes to a feeling of solidarity .. rare in this world.
~Maggie McDonald

I have to say that I am so grateful to have found Unique Packaging for a variety of reasons. First, Lisa knows her stuff and has a keen eye for finding things that will make a difference in our businesses and for a good price. She takes time to learn about the products she is inquiring about and, if the quality does not meet her expectations, she says 'no way' and really watches out for us. I feel secure in knowing that when I buy something from Lisa, she has put the extra time and effort into making sure that my purchase will be a great experience for me and for my customers because, as the saying goes, "it's all in the packaging!" Lisa, I am so grateful for your hard work and dedication to finding new items for us, answering questions and working long hours to get our products to us as quickly as possible. You have made a difference in my business. Thank you.
~Suzanne Finley

My name is Angela and I'm the owner/creator of Fallen Angel Beauty Bar (website coming soon). Along my journey of home made from scratch cosmetics soaps bath bombs and other bath and body products I have come across an AMAZING website and group Unique Packaging Scented Angel.. I have never seen such an amazing group full of awesome kind sharing people and the owner Lisa is in a league of her own. She searches high and low to find us all amazing products and the prices are awesome.. Lisa is a very sweet caring understanding and patient women.. No matter what is thrown her way she keeps going and her drive for great deals is by far the best...